welcome to PRAKTICE

PRAKTICE was founded with our passion for yoga and we would love to spread that love to more and more people.

At PRAKTICE, we do not only teach, we seek to create a yoga community where we can share daily matters, stress at work or problems in life. Yoga is the great recipe to communicate and balance your mind and body. We partner with LOKAL upstairs to nourish the body with healthy eating alternatives.

At Praktice, we are invested in cultivating a healthy
community. Through our classes and products, we take a holistic approach to
well being that promotes both physical and mental wellness and supports a
healthy mind-body connection. We strive to make yoga accessible to all, by
providing affordable, high-quality classes suitable for all levels of
practitioner at times that work with your busy schedule. We desire to
provide our students with opportunities to slow down and fill up in the
midst of the demands of daily life. We endeavor to create a climate of
safety and connection, where our students can learn and grow together
while feeling supported by our brilliant community.

PRAKTICE allows you to take your yoga practice to higher levels
PRAKTICE allows you to take your yoga practice to higher levels

Coming to Praktice each week gives me a chance to focus on me.  We all have busy lives, this is the one place where I can be with others who have  a similar commitment to improving their  practice and bringing balance to their lives.  Walking into the new studio is like walking into another world where it is quiet, warm and inviting.

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